"Life is an adventure, lived out between birth and death, earth and sky. While we are here , we might as well learn to fly. It beats walking the whole way to Heaven!" pjmcn

Friday, May 30, 2014


I have had a change of thought recently. I always thought of life on earth as being in   stages. The caterpillar stage was me crawling along through life with out the Saviour Jesus. I thought it was where I walked on legs and couldn't fly;  in the dirt and close to life, with not much view of broader, bluer skies. I thought becoming a believer was when I got my wings. That's what I thought. 

One day I had such an insight, I realized that this life's stages are not that way at all! Yes, the caterpillar stage is the stuggle to personhood, the stuggle to find the One who will set you free. But I had forgotten the pupa stage. Where it's all about changing, about becoming authentic. 

It's the stage where I have a Comforter with me, and a Saviour encouraging me to keep on, to finish well. 
The stage of decay of the old and the transformation into the new.

I am in that stage, the pupa stage. My outerness, some call it the body, is decaying, crumbling, weakening. My inner? Well I feel something developing, I feel wings happening! Not the feather kind, but but the ones that will cause me to lose my breathe, and unfold finaly to  take me to another realm. 

The wings that will open one day into the sunshine of heaven, where I will be authentically me. I am not talking angel's wings either, but my own special transformation, as butterfly from caterpillar. 

Right now, all is well with my pupa stage of life. Could do with a little less creaking and groaning of the knees , but soon, not needing them, I will fly. Transformed and made new! 

Ahhhhh, life is so good though, while I am waiting to fly! 

I love this, but for me, it's more like taking a leap, and building wings on the way up! 

Just some thoughts for the day, have a great one, wontcha!

Thursday, April 11, 2013



which to me means, looking at the days going by, thinking about this week, that I thought was already finished, only to find out TOMORROW  is Friday, not today!! Wow, an extra day of flying this week!

Every day holds it's own blessings, and some days more than others. I count it a good day when I laugh hard. Especially with special friends, and my husband, laughing makes me fly! 

Flying for me is making the most of   life. I really didn't think life would fly by, and speed up in these latter days. I thought things would slow down, and dwindle down. The only dwindling seems to be in the physical! 

I get up the way I used to see my mom get up, stiff in the knees, stiff in the feet. But she flew right up to the end, and then on into Eternity. She was actually singing in a choir, when she had a stroke. She was in her 80's! Still flying now with a Heavenly Choir! 

 I flew, I fly, I will fly.... And every flight is a good one! Every flight taught me something, even this flight of fantasy I am writing down, shows me it's time for bed! 

Have some happy flying, wontcha! 

Thursday, August 30, 2012



 Years ago when I moved to Kenya, I was  impressed by the hard work, and the endurance to do it, of the women there. 

I drew this sketch , thinking , "I could never do that!" I would not survive the harsh life. 

I would be "too burdened to fly! " With flying being my euphemism for getting through this life with joy and laughter and  kindness and love. 

I have changed my mind, because I have seen first hand that the ladies here do fly! 

They might haul cow grass, as I have sketched in the drawing, up a hill, but  they build a fire, make tea, sit down, and have a few laughs with friends. Same as what I do. 

Work is just work. We do what we have to do, but the flying part of our lives is an attitude of the heart! 

I have met so many awesome women here who truly know how to "fly", no matter what the burden, or how steep the hill! 



Hard working ladies who know how to laugh , love, drink tea, and spread the joy of life!

Have a joyous day, wont'cha, 
even if the work is hard and the hill is steep! 

Friday, July 6, 2012


ROOSTERS....I find them so incredible. They have this attitude of self-rightness, of self-importance, as if they were put on earth to just enrich everyone's life! 

Some of them are just plain gorgeous, with an assortment of colored feathers, and large red combs on their head, they strut and crow and just generally look at the world with an attitude of 

"Here I am, are you not delighted with me?"

They crow when they want. 
Not just to wake the dawn, but to wake the world. 
If they wake up in the night, they let everyone know. 
If the afternoon silence is too long, they break it.

Mr. Rooster, the epitome of the strut, the arrogant flip of the head, the cold stare down the up-turned beak! 

But here's the kicker, although he has this amazing self-confidence he is a bird, that is, a member of the flying family! He has wings that should cause him to soar! Feathers to lift him above the mundane! 

An active member of the Airborne Association! 

Arrogant and proud,  he doesn't seem to realize he is one of the worst flyers around! His attempts to land on a low tree branch are often humorous, but he simply fluffs his feathers like some great gentleman in a cape, and tries again! His attitude is unflappable!

Ahh, to be so confident, so self-determined, and so bad at the job of flying!
 I think I can learn something here! To go through my days confident that I am doing something worthwhile, even when when I fall out of the tree!

I keep saying I am going to paint pictures of roosters, but so far, this will have to do.....

A photograph of a noisy, handsome fellow, who is a lousy flyer, but a great example of going through life with attitude! 

Have an unruffled day, wontcha! 

Thursday, May 24, 2012

More Flying Lessons

.....flying .....flying......flying.....

Birds do it, dandelion fluff does it, 
                 but not right now, 

I will too. 

but for now I am glad to be earthbound
doing what I like best .......

living with someone I love the most

and just generally enjoying looking at 

birds flying...... dandelions fluff flying, 

and being happy with every moment 
while I am .......

                          learning to fly! 

have a great happy day
while you wait to fly, wontcha! 

Thursday, April 19, 2012


this is the first flower in Kenya that we learned the name of: "Yesterday, Today, and Forever" when it blooms, is smells like Heaven! 
the flowers bloom dark purple, and fade to white with each passing day! 

My Meditation about time:

For me,
Yesterday was 66 years  long,
That is not long, considering
Today only seems to last a moment!

I am so glad that Tomorrow
lasts forever.
It becomes Eternity,
We never catch up to it!

And yesterday , too, gets longer and longer!

It's only the Present that is so short,
Only today that seems to fly away!


Have a thoughtful evening, wontcha?
Before today flies away!

Monday, April 9, 2012


Sometimes, you see something in flight, and just as it lands, your camera is up, your lens is right, 
the sun is right, the photo is right, 
what a moment! 

we were in Jinja, Uganda for a couple days with friends, and this awesome butterfly showed up, 
then his friend, the dragonfly came by to say hello! 

                                       Have a sudden moment day, wontcha!