"Life is an adventure, lived out between birth and death, earth and sky. While we are here , we might as well learn to fly. It beats walking the whole way to Heaven!" pjmcn

Friday, May 30, 2014


I have had a change of thought recently. I always thought of life on earth as being in   stages. The caterpillar stage was me crawling along through life with out the Saviour Jesus. I thought it was where I walked on legs and couldn't fly;  in the dirt and close to life, with not much view of broader, bluer skies. I thought becoming a believer was when I got my wings. That's what I thought. 

One day I had such an insight, I realized that this life's stages are not that way at all! Yes, the caterpillar stage is the stuggle to personhood, the stuggle to find the One who will set you free. But I had forgotten the pupa stage. Where it's all about changing, about becoming authentic. 

It's the stage where I have a Comforter with me, and a Saviour encouraging me to keep on, to finish well. 
The stage of decay of the old and the transformation into the new.

I am in that stage, the pupa stage. My outerness, some call it the body, is decaying, crumbling, weakening. My inner? Well I feel something developing, I feel wings happening! Not the feather kind, but but the ones that will cause me to lose my breathe, and unfold finaly to  take me to another realm. 

The wings that will open one day into the sunshine of heaven, where I will be authentically me. I am not talking angel's wings either, but my own special transformation, as butterfly from caterpillar. 

Right now, all is well with my pupa stage of life. Could do with a little less creaking and groaning of the knees , but soon, not needing them, I will fly. Transformed and made new! 

Ahhhhh, life is so good though, while I am waiting to fly! 

I love this, but for me, it's more like taking a leap, and building wings on the way up! 

Just some thoughts for the day, have a great one, wontcha!


  1. Do you suppose God
    would give an old fart water wings? Or maybe a motorized hang glider?